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trinidad james

Even before becoming a household name last year with his single “All Gold Everything”, hip-hop artist and avid basketball fan Trinidad James had both feet deep in the sneaker culture. Known to show up in the newest exclusive kicks, James has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in the community. With his newest mixtape “10 Pc. Mild” dropping today, James is poised to keep his fan’s thirst quenched in anticipation for his major label debut.

You’ve been spotted on the court messin’ around and getting triple doubles. You have one NBA player (past/present) to be your teammate in 2v2 pickup…who ya going with and what shoes are you rockin’?
Gotta go with Michael Jordan. Us both in Retro Jordan IIs, White/Black and Red.

You’re no stranger to the sneaker community. With years of collecting under your belt, what one model do you always find yourself wanting multiples of?
I started collecting heavy in ’06. One model is tough, but the Jordan II and Jordan XI are a must have.

2012 was quite a year for you…successful single, deal with Def Jam; how would you describe your rise?
Fast and scary man. Went through so much in a year’s time. Learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes…but I learned from them.

Being on tour with acts like Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky and B.o.B., how much did you learn from them about the industry, being somewhat of a newcomer?
I learned the most important thing that I’ll keep with me for life. I learned that being yourself is the key to success.

With the release of your second mixtape “10pc Mild”, what can your fans expect this time around?
I want my fans to listen to all tracks 1-10. Then if you haven’t heard “Dont Be SAFE”, listen to that and make an honest opinion of me.

Did you ever think your face would be plastered over socks that people would clamor for?
I never imagined it but I always say that everything that happens to you in life “you deserve”.

Thanks to Trinidad James for his time. Make sure you download 10 Pc. Mild, as well as follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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